Program Leaders

Dr. Tim Hodges

Dr. Tim Hodges leads the largest Clifton Foundation project. He is the executive director of the Clifton Strengths Institute and a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He sees and activates research, develops influential work and learning experiences, and invest his all into his students.

Emily Massel

Emily Massel is an OB (original Builder), who has carved her own path and created her own career from her student life forward. She is the connecting leader for hundreds of Builders and their mentors around the globe.

Samantha Kennelly

Samantha Kennelly is the associate director of the Clifton Strengths Institute. She is known for her passion for coaching and leading groups toward their targeted goals. Samantha was on the founding team of the UNL CSI Center.

Leonardo Juárez

Leonardo Juárez is founder and CEO of DaftonMedia®. He works with companies in Mexico and the United States, including The Clifton Foundation. In 2015, he landed a position with the Clifton Builders by winning third place out of 15,000 contestants in a Mexico City entrepreneurial contest. He was subsequently named Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the Economic Development Division in Mexico City.

Jasie Beam

Jasie Beam is one of the first UNL Builders graduates. She is responsible for developing Builders courses, hosting meetings, communicating with fellow Builders, and staying up to date on their successes.

Dr. William Latham

Dr. William Latham is the Chief Student Development and Success Officer of the University of the District of Columbia. He has expanded the Builders learning program in Washington, DC by developing scholarships and adding talented and skilled faculty members.

Taylor Lofdahl

Taylor Lofdahl is the leader of student leaders. She has coordinated hundreds of student strength coaches who go on to teach and work with every new student in UNL’s College of Business.

Jami Pogue

Jami Pogue chairs the advisory board of the Clifton Strengths Institute. She has co-developed an advanced strengths coaching practicum for college-strength coaches. Throughout her career as an executive, Jami has coached thousands of students and staff members.

Dr. Connie Rath

Connie Rath is president of The Clifton Foundation. She finds and encourages the project leaders who make it happen. Her earlier career included Gallup leadership in education and talent research and development.

Dr. Mary Reckmeyer

Dr. Mary Reckmeyer chairs the Clifton Foundation. She is an author of parenting and children’s books and expert in early childhood. For the last 30 years, she has led the Donald O Clifton Child Development Center. Dr. Reckmeyer is a pioneer in individualized childcare in the workplace.

Founding Leaders

Jane Miller

Chief Operating Officer, The Gallup Organization Clifton Foundation Board

Jim Clifton

Chairman and CEO, The Gallup Organization Clifton Foundation Board

Kristin Gregory Meek

Designer, Clifton Strengths School and Strengths Lab

Johnny Taylor Jr.

Faculty and advisory, Strengths Lab; President and CEO, SHRM

Justin Bibb

Faculty and advisor, Strengths Lab; founder, Cleveland Can't Wait Builders

Robin Williams

Designer, UDC Capital Builders program

Tiffany Norwood

Leader, Strengths Lab Tanzania; founder, Tribeta

Andrew Lopez

Advisor and original builder, Strengths Lab



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