Quincey Bernard

2016 Builder Alumnus

August is always a busy time of year for first-year college students. It’s the start of their next chapter, and often the first time of complete independence. In August 2016, Quincey turned a big page in his chapter book. He left his entire world in Haiti behind him and decided to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to continue his education.

Not only did Quincey temporarily leave his family to pursue his dream of studying finance at a university in the United States, but he put a pause on taking over his family business. In Haiti, Quincey’s family owns and operates all of the local schools. His family has always hoped that he would one day return to Haiti and continue the family business. Quincey was on track to return to Haiti after graduating and completing a few years as a financial advisor in Omaha.

Quincey was on track to return to Haiti when the President of Haiti was unexpectedly murdered in July 2021. This unfortunate event led to a ban on all travel, and Quincey was stuck in the United States. Amidst the chaos, Quincey began to self reflect. He realized that he was unhappy in his current financial analyst position, and wanted something more for himself. Although Quincey wanted to continue helping his family business grow, it was a little challenging from 2,000+ miles away. So, Quincey decided to take a major risk and start something on his own. He quit his financial job, pulled all of his money out of savings, moved to Kansas City, and started a personal investment company. Quincey now spends his days trading, is constantly researching and figuring out how to make more informed decisions, and has even started a blog to teach others who are interested in learning the skills of trading.

Quincey was fearless, he took a major risk on himself. It’s this ability to believe in one’s self, set the goals that may seem ‘unrealistic’, and ultimately conquering them that makes a Builder. Quincey has officially reached a place where he is making positive gains daily while trading. He also has found ways to remain involved in his family business and has developed a new program in the Haiti schools that will be focusing on entrepreneurship and technology. Quincey has launched partnerships and figured out ways to get more technology abroad, in hopes of continuing to develop his country for the best. Quincey is making big moves with no plans of stopping.


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