Clayton Spray



Clayton Spray


Builder Alumnus

The ripple effects of the recent pandemic on school and the workplace has been a game-changer for Clayton. Clayton seamlessly embraced the positive aspects of remote work. Juggling the final stages of his Master’s in Public Administration while working as a Public Policy Analyst for Nexlink, Clayton has established the best way for him to learn and work.

Clayton’s responsibilities at Nexlink encompass a diverse range of tasks. For the past two years, he has been the database manager, diligently handling internal tasks and dissecting legal documents to extract insights into new bills and regulations. His forte lies in project management and research. Clayton loves the versatility his role offers, but occasionally, he yearns for more involvement in market research and analysis.

In his team, Clayton is the go-to subject matter expert, affectionately known as “the guy in the chair.” His meticulous nature ensures that operations run smoothly, and he often is on the receiving end of questions from his colleagues. Clayton rates his current fit for his job as a solid 4, acknowledging its alignment with his strengths while seeking more analytical challenges. Clayton has initiated noteworthy projects within his organization. He spearheaded the digitalization of the salesforce and designed a priority system for market analysis using Excel. 

His job profoundly impacts his well being, making him feel positively enriched and engaged. It’s safe to say that Clayton has wholeheartedly embraced the positivity of remote work, finding the perfect balance with his academic pursuits and professional responsibilities.


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