Isabella Londoño Achipis



Isabella Londoño Achipis

  • 2021 Builder alumnus
  • Medellín, Colombia

“It’s the gratitude I have towards the program, which has allowed me to grow on the personal and professional level.”

Isabella Londoño Achipis is a builder who is perseverant and optimistic. She looks for opportunities rather than obstacles. She participated in Disruptores, Medellin’s Builder Program, a couple of months ago.
Isabella shares how grateful she is about the academic training programs she could participate in thanks to Disruptores. Each one of these programs has given her not only skills for her small business but skills for her daily life. “One knows that nothing’s perfect, but things won’t change if on your own you don’t start to change what you can.” She believes that small actions in a community can led to big changes. Isa has a baking business, which she wants to keep growing. Isabella has had a few small ventures that have helped her gain experience and confidence to continue the entrepreneurship path. She loves doing crafts like jewelry or food.

Isabella is now studying business administration, which has set her up better in her career ahead. She is full of ideas for the future. She’s not only thinking about her future job but creating positions for more people who want to dream with her. The idea of opening opportunities for other people, and the way she has received others motivates her to solidify her business idea. One of the things that she describes as fundamental in this process is the mentorships she received from the builder mentors. In there, Isa explains that it was this space where she grew more personally. It also helped her understand that what a builder must do is find problems and provide solutions.

“What are you going to do to improve your environment? What are you going to do to make things better?”


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