Shannon Raitt

2016 Builder Alumnus

Shannon graduated from UNL in December 2019. She embarked on her marketing career with Ameritas in the spring of 2020. However, Shannon ended her journey with Ameritas after realizing the inability to grow. So, Shannon decided to move back home to Columbus, Nebraska and begin a new job closer to family.

Although this new job came with a significant compensation increase, Shannon quickly realized money is not everything. The people she was working with did not align with her values or morals, and each day spent employed was another hit to her mental health.

However, in these moments of great internal struggle, Shannon finally realized what she needed most. And that was a job where she not only was passionate about, but allowed her to be surrounded by a team of people she trusted and cared for. So she searched and searched, until finally she realized that what she was looking for was right in front of her the whole time.

In 2020, Shannon gathered her brothers and father together. She pitched her idea and Family Insurance Agency was shortly launched thereafter. Today, Shannon enjoys working alongside her family, a team that will always have her back. She loves being pushed in new directions and knows that she is growing each day.

Without her fearlessness, Family Insurance Agency may never have begun. Although Shannon was unhappy with where she once was, she did not compromise. Instead she dared to try something new. By daring to accomplish something new, she achieved just that. This is exactly what a Clifton Builder is. A fearless individual, ready to take on any challenge, who does not stop until the job is done.


45 Sutton Sq SW Suite 307
Washington, DC 20024


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