Adam Folsom



Adam Folsom


Builder Alumnus

In college, Adam’s key experiences paved the way for a successful start to his career. He co-founded the Husker Venture Fund at UNL in October 2020, which propelled him to the world of startups and venture capital, setting the stage for his future endeavors. Moreover, Adam’s participation in the Builders Program exposed him to cohort learning, where he learned the art of collaboration and the importance of leveraging diverse strengths.

Adam’s college experience wasn’t just about professional growth; it was about personal development too. He found brotherhood through his fraternity, forging lasting friendships and connections that would prove invaluable as he embarked on his career.

Today, as an associate for Beeso Studio in Omaha, Adam thrives in business development for software developers. His role allows him the autonomy he desires. He contributes by conducting outreach, forming partnerships with startups, and managing investor relations. His great fit for the job stems from his skill set and strong interest in high-growth tech software.

Adam’s contributions to his team and organization include innovative sourcing strategies and engagement activities that enhance relationships with existing clients. He excels at nurturing and building relationships.

With his college experiences and the connections he made through the Builders Network, Adam is well on his way to realizing his entrepreneurial dreams and making an impact in the world of venture capital. His journey is a testament to how college involvement can positively shape one’s personal development and future career.


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