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Sponsored by the Clifton Foundation, participants will have the chance to engage in 30-minute coaching sessions with CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, and expert Strengths Coaches exclusively for our Global Builder Alumni Network.

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Brennan Costello

Brennan Costello is a Team member in the Engler Entrepreneurship Program from Gothenburg, Nebraska and currently lives in Gretna with his wife and two dogs.He graduated from UNL in Agribusiness in 2016, and with his MBA in 2020. His background and interest are in entrepreneurship and small business. He has had the opportunity to work for several startups, and start several of his own small companies. In the Engler Program, he gets to help a variety of students take their ideas from inception to launch. While in college he was really involved in Greek Life, NHRI, FFA and Mortar Board. Looking forward to connecting.


Jason Gieselman

Jason is co-founder of Ink Alley Screen Printing & Embroidery, which he started 8 years ago and has seen grow into a multi-million dollar company with 15 full-time team members. He holds degrees in Visual Publications from SCC and Advertising & Public Relations from UNL. When Jason isn’t slinging shirts, he is spending time with his wife and their 1 year old son while they eagerly anticipate the arrival of baby #2 this fall.


Brianna Ridenour

Brianna Ridenour (she/her) is a dedicated advocate for student success, leveraging her own journey as a first-generation student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With a Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management and a Master’s in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University, Brianna currently serves as Program Coordinator for Adult Learner & Veteran Services at CSU. Her focus includes overseeing first-year transition programs for nontraditional students, supporting their holistic development throughout their educational journeys. With experience at UNL’s Clifton Strengths Institute, University of Notre Dame, and AmeriCorps, Brianna is deeply committed to practicing positive psychology through the lens of strengths-based sciences, and leading with diversity, equity,  inclusion, and justice. Outside of work, she enjoys geocaching, disc golfing, hiking, and is an active member of the Global Builder Alumni Network Advisory Council.


Eddie Sicilia

Eddie is a current undergraduate senior double majoring in Marketing and Clifton Builders Management, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He founded his company, 2%Football, as a senior in High School and has been running it for the past 5 years. Eddie has extensive experience in sports, content creation, and helping others put together startups.


Elaina Bailey

Growing up immersed in a family of entrepreneurs, Elaina was exposed to a unique energy – a daringness to tackle the impossible, a fearlessness to persevere, an openness to view all challenges as opportunities. Elaina’s passion for entrepreneurship was further fueled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Clifton Builders program, where, as a Clifton Builder, she engaged with like-minded students, participated in experiential learning opportunities, and became a certified Gallup Consultant. While consulting with local startups, Elaina confronted the realities entrepreneurs face and helped craft strategic solutions to overcome their early-stage hurdles.


Ellen Brown

Ellen is a Senior Consultant at Gallup based out of their Chicago offices. She serves as a trusted advisor to some of Gallup’s largest clients in regard to employee engagement, CliftonStrengths, M&A, talent based hiring, and DEI. Her passion for all things strengths and excellence started to grow in 2016 when she became the graduate assistant for Mark Pogue and Samantha Kennelly at the CliftonStrengths Institute. This led to her co-creating the curriculum for BSAD 111 and the Student Strengths Coaches, selecting multiple cohorts of coaches and builders, and seeing what life can be like when you surround yourself with people who do what they do best and have insane amounts of talent. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Gerontology and Masters in Business Administration and Supply Chain, both from University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She is also a certified CliftonStrengths Coach.


Kelley Peterson

To say Kelley Peterson is a nonprofit marketing guru is an understatement. She makes a habit out of combining her marketing expertise with her passion for helping great causes craft impactful messaging to meet their brand and fundraising goals.

After nearly 12 years as chief creative officer at KidGlov, Kelley recently founded Pen & Pug – a new business offering marketing strategy, creative writing, and nonprofit fundraising services. When she’s not busy putting her pen to work, Kelley enjoys spending time with her family, teaching at UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications, and managing her famous pug Chub’s dog influencer career.


Liz Begley

Liz is the Technical Product Manager for CliftonStrengths. Every day, she wakes up thinking about bringing Strengths to 1 billion people and the impact it will have on the way individuals work and live. She has been at Gallup for five years and has had a focus on global licensing during that time. In her free time Liz travels, studies personal finance and hangs out with her husband and pets. Liz’s Top 5 are Individualization, Achiever, Discipline, Focus and Relator. She looks forward to meeting with you and learning more about your aspirations!

Lynsi Nauman

Lynsi Nauman is a Talent Consultant Manager and CliftonStrengths Certified Coach at Gallup. In 2019 she started as an intern and now manages a global team of analysts, consultants, and coaches. As a manager she is responsible for the team’s performance, engagement, and development.

She graduated from Creighton University in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in health administration and policy. While in college, she was heavily involved in her sorority, new student orientation, the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice, and was a tour guide. When she is not at work you can find Lynsi teaching yoga, reading, running or on her bike. She is also involved with volunteering for RISE, a prison reentry program, and Endless Journey Hospice.


Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson is a Workplace Associate at Gallup and is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. At Gallup, Nick specializes in working with executives to implement CliftonStrengths with organizations in addition to surveying workplaces with the Gallup Q12 Survey. Throughout his tenure at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, he was involved in many areas and leadership roles throughout Campus. Within his Fraternity, Nick served many roles, including Chapter President and Vice President, contributed to the creation and publication of the Fraternity and Sorority Life 5 Year Strategic plan, and continues to invest in the Clifton Strengths Institute by serving on the Global Builders Alumni Advisory Council.


Paul Jarrett

Paul Jarrett is a Logistics Entrepreneur with the inside scoop for outsiders. Born in a Nebraska Trailer Park, honing Team skills on the football field, and earning his chops working from New York City to San Francisco, Paul has shared rare perspectives from doing it all. From launch and scale to optimization, Paul’s honest and authentic “cut the ship” approach has attracted giants like American Express, BuzzFeed, Clorox, and Disney to join the Bulu roster. As CEO, Co-Founder, and now Co-Owner of Bulu, the goal is simple: empower any company to ship like a major brand. More at &


Samantha Kennelly

While earning her master’s and working as a graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2015, Samantha Kennelly (Ken-Nelly) simultaneously launched the one and only Clifton Strengths Institute (CSI), funded by Gallup and the Clifton Foundation, at UNL. She dedicated 5+ years to leading and building a program that prepares individuals to successfully navigate their life and career. To date, the program has impacted more than 5,000 students and over 500 faculty, staff, and community members.

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Samantha works with individuals and teams to increase well-being, engagement, and performance through maximizing their natural talents. Samantha gets great joy from “disrupting” the traditional workplace by creating customized experiences
that support the unique growth and development of each person. Through workshops, coaching, speaking engagements, and leading retreats, she has worked with over 4,000 individuals across industries, helping them on their personal and professional journeys. Samantha is currently the Director of Operations and WYLD Guide at WYLD Leadership.


Sue Wilkinson

Sue has a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Wilkinson began her career with Ameritas in 1995 as a corporate accountant and has held key leadership roles throughout the organization. She began her current duties as president and chief operating officer in January, 2024. Wilkinson is a board member of the Catholic Foundation of Southern Nebraska, a finance committee member of the University of Nebraska Foundation and serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business. She has past service on numerous boards in the Lincoln community.

Wilkinson was the recipient of the 2023 Inspire Award for Excellence in Business, as named by the Lincoln community’s Inspire Awards and was awarded the 2020 Outstanding CPA in Business & Industry from the Nebraska Society of CPAs. She was inducted into the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Accountancy Hall of Fame in 2017 and was a recipient of the Young Alumni Achievement Award from the Nebraska Alumni Association in 2008. Wilkinson was also awarded the “40 Under 40 Award” from the Lincoln Business Journal in 2006.


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