Conrad Shiu



Conrad Shiu

Builder Alumnus

Conrad’s entrepreneurial journey began in his youth, marked by a series of ventures that, while not always successful, were rich in learning experiences. These early endeavors taught him the importance of resilience, team-building, and maintaining momentum through challenges.

His educational path at the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s Builders program was transformative, equipping him with practical skills and a deeper understanding of business dynamics. Post-graduation, Conrad honed his market insights at Gallup, but the call to entrepreneurship was irresistible. He moved to Boston to join a high-profile e-commerce aggregator, a period he recalls as the most stressful yet enlightening phase of his career. It was here that Conrad experimented with his own e-commerce store. Initially a side project, it underwent several iterations before evolving into ShoeZero, a unique platform offering custom shoe design for both businesses and consumers. When ShoeZero began showing real promise, Conrad embraced the opportunity, dedicating himself full-time to the venture.

Now, a year into leading ShoeZero with a small but passionate team, Conrad reflects on his journey. It’s a story not just of business acumen but of continuous learning, adaptability, and the courage to pursue an unlikely idea. Under his guidance, ShoeZero is more than just a company; it’s a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit and the endless possibilities that come with it.

Conrad has now embraced a new philosophy. Gone are the days of trying to predict the future; instead, he focuses on seizing the best opportunities as they arise. Whether it means nurturing into new niches like sustainable footwear and micro-brands for influencers, or branching out to create a collection of small, agile e-commerce ventures, Conrad is prepared to take it all in stride. His primary goal is to build an antifragile organization that bets on opportunities with asymmetric upside, one that is robust enough to withstand the inherent ups and downs of the entrepreneurial world, adapting from each challenge faced.

For Conrad, the most fulfilling part of this journey is the day-to-day experience – the learning, the challenges, the failures, and the successes. He finds joy in every aspect of this adventure, cherishing the process as much as the outcomes.


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