Jordan Seitz



Jordan Seitz


Builder Alumnus

Jordan’s journey to success in her current role as an Associate Merchandiser at Scholar was rooted in a well-thought-out decision she made during her undergraduate years. Jordan had always been intrigued by the intricate world of supply chain management. With determination and an unwavering commitment to her goals, she pursued a degree in supply chain management, a decision that has proved to be instrumental in her chosen career.

In her role at Scholar, Jordan navigates the complex landscape of buying and selling pet food ingredients across the Globe. Her educational background in supply chain equipped her with the knowledge and insights necessary for this role. Jordan brings a unique perspective to the team as one of the younger members, allowing her to identify areas for improvement and contribute innovative ideas.

Some of her significant contributions included the implementation of a CRM sales platform and consulting with the IT department to enhance the company’s customer relationship management. Jordan’s ability to create a comfortable working relationship with colleagues and positively handle high-stress situations set her apart, making her a critical asset to her team.

Her mother dedicated her life to teaching her children to embrace the balance of work and family. Her father’s influence, working in the supply chain industry while maintaining a fulfilling family life, was a testament that one could have both. Jordan’s journey from a supply chain undergraduate degree to her current role is reflective of her passion, hard work, and ability to contribute meaningfully to her team and organization.


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