Edgar Montoya



Edgar Montoya


Builder Alumnus

Edgar Montoya, the creative force behind Montez Beatz, embarked on his journey into the world of music and live entertainment during his high school sophomore year in 2015. His initial taste of DJing at a student class party in a hotel ignited a passion that would shape his future. As a high school senior in 2017, Edgar elevated his skills by taking charge of the glow school dance, showcasing his talent to a wider audience. 

The turning point came during his freshman year of college in 2018 when he joined a fraternity that allowed him to DJ at formals, tailgates, and parties, revealing the untapped potential within him. In his junior year of college in 2020, Edgar’s trajectory changed when he connected with someone established in the Lincoln area through his business classes. This marked his entry into the bar and club scene, broadening the spectrum of events he could cater to. Over the next 2.5 years, Edgar experienced exponential growth as a solo professional DJ, transitioning from college events to a diverse array of gigs, including weddings, corporate events, and clubs.

Edgar’s motivation to start Montez Beatz stemmed from his love for making people happy and controlling the vibe of an event. Starting as a sole proprietor with plans to evolve into an LLC, Edgar leveraged social media pages, promo cards, cold DMs, and college connections to promote his business. Word of mouth played a pivotal role in establishing Montez Beatz as a prominent name in the local music scene.

Participating in the Builders Program significantly contributed to Edgar’s success. The program provided him with tools, resources, and confidence, enabling him to understand his value proposition better. The invaluable network established through the Builders Program opened doors, allowing Edgar to DJ at the wedding of another student from his builders cohort.

Despite having a 40-hour workweek in his day job, Edgar dedicates 10-15 hours per week to his business. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs includes building confidence, embracing validation, taking risks, adapting to adversity, maintaining a good support system, and being unafraid to pivot or scrap ideas when necessary. Edgar Montez and Montez Beatz embody the essence of passion, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit. He is an exceptional part of our Builders Community.


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