Laura Wolff Román



Laura Wolff Román

  • 2021 Builder alumnus
  • Medellín, Colombia

Being surrounded with people who are always pushing themselves to be better has been one of my biggest takeaways from Disruptores.”

Wolff is an incoming college student that participated in Disruptores second generation. She says that Disruptores helped her be more confident and improve her communication skills. Laura explains that at the beginning it was weird to arrive in the Disruptores environment: “I came a little bit late into the Disruptores process, so it was weird to arrive in a space where everyone knew each other.” She explains that she had to get out of her comfort zone and make new friendships, which she hadn’t done in a while. During the program, she met so many talented people in an environment of creativity. The academic process was also getting out of her comfort zone. She loves the more exact sciences like math, so having to break her mold to also take into consideration other areas was challenging. Also, the opportunities she had like talking with writers and specialists. She’s still doing part of Disruptores, learning more about what she needs to create her own clothing shop. Laura is still in the process of opening her small business, but with all the builders support she feels confident in the steps ahead. 


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Washington, DC 20024

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