Caleb Salter



Caleb Salter

  • 2016 Builder alumnus
  • UNL

Growth and support are key terms to Caleb Salter’s approach to working with his clients. Finding ways to help companies be better and support there teams stemmed from his time in the Builders program, leading consulting projects with local startups and coaching individuals. Those building blocks have led to his current role at Gallup as a Market Leader. Through this role, he gets to connect with business and create a package of solution oriented services that can help their organization enhance their employee engagement and development of their people. In college, Caleb called out the Q12 engagement consulting project from the builders program as being a key influence in where his interests flourished for consulting and sales. Now, he gets to lead consulting conversations daily with his clients and drive them toward improving their businesses and culture. Not only does he get to help his clients, but Caleb has also used that builder mindset to create solutions by helping to create new contract and billing enhancements to create better solutions for both the internal teams he works with as well as his clients. That has only continued to spark his team and leaders to ask for his opinion and mentorship for new associates, new initiatives, or to rethink existing workstreams. That builder mentality has created change for multiple workstreams and efficiencies in the day-to-day work that he gets to do. True to the passion he brings in these tasks, he not only has created those changes, but has also been a global leader for the company in overall sales goals. But the passion doesn’t stop in his career, Caleb has also been focused on his wellbeing and personal goals over this past year; building and closing on a new home and adding to his fur family. Not surprisingly, when asked what Caleb does better than 100 other people, he stated that it was working toward accomplishing his goals. He is at his best when he feels excited and challenged by the day ahead, so goal setting and accomplishment is a constant motivator in his wellbeing and career. Whether his goal is making impact for one of his key clients, closing on a new home, physical wellbeing goals on Peloton, or spending time with his pets, those goals are all reached and exceeded from Caleb’s unmatched work ethic.


45 Sutton Sq SW Suite 307
Washington, DC 20024

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