Summer Edition

A week of coaching for Clifton Builder Alumni, Clifton Coach Alumni, and current Builders


Coach Connect Week summer edition is here to connect Business and Strength Coaches with our Global Builder Community and help you grow professionally and personally.

The Clifton Foundation is sponsoring 30-minute coaching sessions with CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, and expert Strengths Coaches exclusively for our Global Builder Alumni Network.


Jim Clifton

Chairman & CEO | The Gallup Organization

“Talk to me about business ideas and future plans.”

Jim provides advice to Builders on their business ideas and future plans. As a global thought leader, Jim brings a unique perspective on world trends and what consumers want.

Jim Clifton has served as CEO of Gallup since 1988. Under his leadership, Gallup has expanded from a predominantly U.S.-based company to a worldwide organization with 30 offices in 20 countries and regions.

Emily Massel

Director | Clifton Foundation

“Talk to me about business ideas, professional development and life design. I want to help you take a next step towards your dreams!”

Emily previously founded and served as executive director of two non-profit organizations, Strengths Lab and Lemonade Day-DC, which have served over 20,000 students from primary school through university with entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and strengths-based curriculum. She has spoken internationally on the purpose of non-traditional measurement in understanding and developing human talent.

Coaching Available in Español, English

Samantha Kennelly

Associate Director | Clifton Strengths Institute

“Talk to me about CliftonStrengths, well-being, how best to navigate life right now!”

With a background and experience in Positive (Strengths) Psychology, I have always been fascinated by human behavior. I create positive, strengths-based environments to develop and celebrate the potential of people.

Connie Rath

President | Clifton Foundation

“Talk to me about your entrepreneurial journey and dreams!”

Connie finds and encourages the project leaders who make it happen. Talk to Connie about your entrepreneurial journey and dreams! Her earlier career included Gallup leadership in education and talent research and development.

Leonardo Juárez

Leonardo Juarez

CEO | DaftonMedia®

“Talk to me about entrepreneurship and marketing. I can share you my experience as a young entrepreneur, the challenges I’ve faced and what I did to overcome them. Or we can talk about monetization through marketing strategies!”

Leonardo is founder and CEO of Dafton Media. He works with clients in Mexico and the United States including The Clifton Foundation. In 2015 he joined the Clifton Builders by winning 3rd place out of 15,000 participants from an entrepreneurial contest in Mexico City. 

Coaching Available in Español, English

Andrew Lopez

Senior Consultant | Carlyle Group

“Talk to me about Private Equity, Alternative Investments, Networking, General Career Track, Entrepreneurship, General Topics: I want to get to know you!”

Andrew is a Senior Consultant at The Carlyle Group. He works within the Fund Management Group of the firm’s Equity Management Arm. Prior to joining Carlyle, Andrew led investor relations at Piedmont, a CIO Top 10 Hedge Fund Solutions Provider, for 70 Private Equity and Hedge Funds with 20 different product strategies. The managed Funds and LPs were based out of North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Cayman Islands.

Elizabeth Koval

Elizabeth Koval Assistant Vice President | Technology Finance, Wells Fargo

“Talk to me about Finance, goal setting in the workplace, and life!”

Liz underwrites leveraged finance transactions within the Enterprise Software space. Transactions range from $15MM- $60MM. Facilities are used for leveraged buyouts, mergers & acquisitions, and working capital needs.

Teneika Askew

Global Analytics Leader & Social Entrepreneur

“Talk to me about technology trends and skills and work-life design.”

Teneika advises Builders on technology trends and skills and work-life design. As a seasoned mentor she is ready to advise on anything you want help navigating in personal or professional life!

Teneika Askew is an Analytics Consultant with more than 8 years of experience providing analytics, business process improvement and consulting services. She specializes in data analyses around financial, talent and operational data.


Co-Founder & CTO | Sandboxx

“Talk to me about start-ups, technology, building and managing teams, and creating a work-life that is aligned with your personal values!”

Swamy advises Builders on start-ups, technology, building and managing teams, and creating a work-life that is aligned with your personal values! Swamy and the Sandboxx team have hired numerous Builders over the years. Swamy is an entrepreneur and a technology evangelist.

His passion for impact-oriented businesses has helped him influence his teams over the last 20 years. Swamy currently serves as the Co-Founder and CTO of Sandboxx, a military lifestyle company focusing on the betterment of military service members who keep the country safe. His career trajectory has lent itself to leadership roles in various teams in Sales, Marketing, Product, Design, and Engineering.

Carlos Urmen

Shareholders and Chief Operation Officer, World Trade Center Querétaro and Cancún

“Talk to me about real estate, technology and innovation.”

Real Estate, Technology and Innovation, Logistics, Export and Import, 3PL

Coaching Available in Español, English

Jasie Beam

Coordinator | Clifton Builders Program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln

“Talk to me about your entrepreneurial goals, your education and career.”

Jasie Beam is the Clifton Builders Program Coordinator at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in the Clifton Strengths Institute. Here, she helps support students to achieve their entrepreneurial goals and positively disrupt their education and career journeys. Jasie graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from the College of Business after studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation and was a member of the 2016 cohort of the Clifton Builders Program.

She is a Certified BP10 Coach which focuses on builder talents and entrepreneurial energy. Jasie is a registered Ally to support the LBGTQA+ community and bring awareness to important topics that this community may face. Outside of work, you can often find Jasie creating a new project or starting a new side hustle to continue developing her skills in many areas, including entrepreneurship, woodworking, or even organizing other’s closets. She is originally from Gering, NE, and uses her strengths-based, individualized mindset, and western Nebraska grit to help support others become their best selves.

Jessica Schumacher

Nelnet Diversified Services Culture Manager | Nelnet

“Talk to me about building successful teams and culture, developing your strengths at work.”

Jessica Schumacher serves as the Nelnet Diversified Services Culture Manager at Nelnet. Her role includes executing and overseeing leadership engagement programs, innovating to enhance the employee experience, and creating and building internal partnership and relationships. She also establishes metrics, awards, and measures of success to demonstrate growth in the areas of culture, development, engagement, and belonging.

Since joining Nelnet in 2014, her former roles include People Services Program Manager, Senior Campus Recruiter and Senior Recruiter. Prior to Nelnet, she worked in Manager and Coordinator roles with Advance Services, Inc. in the Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, area. Schumacher earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations from Northwest Missouri State University in 2009. A two-year captain for the women’s soccer team, she garnered two Second Team All-Conference and an All-Conference Honorable Mentions accolades. She is a certified professional with SHRM and HRCI, a member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Talent Advisory Group, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Clifton Strengths Institute at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Tim Hodges

Executive Director | Clifton Strengths Institute

“Talk to me about making the most of your college experience, choosing career paths, job/life transitions.”

Tim Hodges, PhD is the executive director of the Clifton Strengths Institute, professor in the UNL College of Business, and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. He works with individuals and teams to maximize their strengths and increase performance, engagement, and well-being in their education, career, and throughout their lives. Dr. Hodges has enjoyed a 20-year career as a research consultant at Gallup, Inc.

His work at Gallup has included leading research projects in strengths development, employee selection and employee engagement with a variety of clients in education and business. Dr. Hodges has delivered hundreds of presentations and written dozens of journal articles, research reports, and academic book chapters.

Jose Pablo Arnau

Marketing Lead | DiDi

“Talk to me about: General entrepreneurship, dealing with regulations, importing-exporting, ecommerce (marketing and logistics), Selling on Amazon, using LinkedIn to find customers”

Originario de CDMX, Jose Pablo ha ayudado a grandes empresas a entrar en el mercado de Latinoamérica (Best Buy, Amazon, DiDi) en áreas como operaciones, marketing y estrategia. También fue entrepreneur al abrir una juguetería en Estados Unidos tanto en modo tienda física como ecommerce, superando los retos que implica abrir un negocio en un país distinto al suyo.

Coaching Available in Español, English

Chris Hagood

President | Kudos Strategies

“Talk to me about your development, career, and workplace culture questions.” A highly-productive strategist, focused on driving efficiency as a trusted solutions-based advisor.

A leader that is dependable to keep course, keep the big picture in focus and enable organizational success.


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