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Students who demonstrate a unique mindset for building social impact and economic energy, where none previously existed and successfully complete a Builders program will then graduate into the Global Builder Alumni Network. The ever-growing alumni network includes students from more than 30 countries. 

The Global Builder Network facilitates networking amongst builders, micro grants, work opportunities, strengths coaching, and learning and development experiences.



are currently selling a product or service


report their Clifton Foundation experience helped them develop their strengths


have initiated or worked at a start-up


Coach Connect is an opportunity for the Clifton Foundation’s Global Builder Network to connect with entrepreneur and business leaders.

What are your current goals? What support do you need to reach them? Coach Connect is designed to encourage alumni to take actionable steps towards their dreams through candid conversation and mentorship around their life goals. The Clifton Foundation hosts this coaching event twice a year– the next Coach Connect will take place throughout the week of May 17th-22nd. 

100% of students… 

  • Would recommend Coach Connect to a friend 
  • Reported desire to stay in touch with their coach if given the opportunity
  • Would like to participate in more coaching sessions
  • Learned something new from their coach that aligns with helping them achieve their goals
  • Gained confidence to take a next step toward a goal from their coaching sessions 

Here are a few examples of “next steps” students reported their coaching session inspired them to take:

  • Begin prototyping my business idea
  • Implementing a hiring and leadership plan based on Jim’s advice for my C-Suite team that we are looking to hire this year.
  • Finding a co-founder
  • 3 Things I can control each day & 1 thing to celebrate each day
  • Finding a way to travel abroad even though my study abroad got cancelled this summer
  • Taking interview tips from each, along with how to further myself in the high-finance field
  • I will be wrapping-up the scripting for my Zoom-Live Mentalism & Hypnosis Show and then contact my coach again to discuss this Business-Model further.
  • Starting to find users for the product I’m developing


Be Your Own Boss Learning Series curates conversations around career and business subjects with experts and diverse stakeholders. The first Be Your Own Boss Learning Series event focuses on Real Estate and will take place Wednesday, February 24th.


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