Nguyen Uses Strengths in Commitment to Help Others

The motivation to succeed takes many forms for students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business strengths. For Phat Nguyen, a senior business administration major from Lincoln, Nebraska, the desire to serve others shapes his college experiences and stems from relationships with family, teachers, classmates, country and his homeland of origin, Vietnam. His vision to make a difference in other people’s lives ignites an entrepreneurial spirit looking to innovate.

Strength Lab 2016

“My parents brought me to America when I was 14 because they wanted me to have a better life”


“I didn’t know anything about the Vietnam War but I learned about the American soldiers who tried to help. One day a recruiter from the Army called and asked if I wanted to join, and thought it sounded like a good idea. My grandfather was a lieutenant in the South Vietnamese army and I wanted to continue that tradition of serving in our family, and repay America for everything they’ve done for me personally and for Vietnam. I enlisted in the Army Reserve as a high school senior.”

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